Registration of the Birth

Understand how to register the birth of a new child and how to apply for the newborn's residence permit...

Although babies born to expatriate parents are not entitled to Qatari citizenship, the birth still needs to be registered in Qatar, and a Qatari birth certificate issued (as well as a birth certificate from the parents' home country).

The process for obtaining a Qatari birth certificate was simplified in 2010. All births should be registered at the Women's Hospital (next to Hamad General Hospital on Al Rayyan Road), regardless of which hospital the baby was delivered in. The hospital where the delivery took place should issue two letters to the parents confirming the birth. These should then be taken to the Women's Hospital, along with the following documents:

  • A copy of the child's vaccination card
  • The passports of both parents
  • Copies of the parents' Residence Permits
  • The parents' marriage certificate

There is some paperwork to fill out, and a fee per certificate is payable. The birth certificate is issued at the Women's Hospital on the same day. It is issued in Arabic, and needs to be translated into English (or the relevant national language) for presenting to embassies for passport applications.

Foreign nationals must then take the birth certificate to their country's embassy to register the birth and to apply for a passport for the child, or to add the child to the parents' passport, whichever is the policy of the country in question. This is necessary so that the child can obtain a Residence Permit. Different countries have different procedures for the issuance of passports, so parents should check the requirements with the relevant embassy. Documents likely to be needed as well as the Qatar birth certificate include passports of the parents, birth certificate copies of the parents, and the parents' marriage certificate. Passport photos of the baby are also normally needed.

Applying for the Newborn's Residence Permit

Once the passport has been issued, which can take between a few days and a few weeks, the application for the Residence Permit can begin. The procedure is detailed on the Hukoomi website, and the application form can be completed online.

Documents required are:

  • The baby's passport
  • The baby's birth certificate
  • Parents' passports and Residence Permits
  • Sponsor's ID

The sponsoring company may be able to assist with the visa application. The whole process described above must be completed within two months of the birth.

For married mothers who have travelled back to their home country, and who plan to return to Qatar, the baby can enter on a Visit Visa. The parents then have two months to apply for a Residence Permit for the newborn.

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